Rotating Barrel Scrubbers<br /> STC Series


Rotating Barrel Scrubbers
STC Series

Rotating barrel scrubbers, STC series, are used for the treatment of very dirty (clay and aggregates and soil alluvial materials that require a strong mechanical disintegration action, combined with a long soak time and an effective washing action with water against current.

The ease of Use and the reduced maintenance required make it the ideal machines for the use in the operations of blasting and washing of particularly dirty alluvial aggregates.


Main construction specifications

- Rotating Barrel
full internally lined with rubber sheets, bolt-on style for an easy and fast repalcement. The inner camber is divided into two sections by a diaphram supplied with a set of buckets (lined with wear resistant steel) that allow the material to pass through, from the first section to the second one. This "twin chamber" configuration allow the material to be first scrubbed hard in the first section, than washed in deep in the second section before discharging.

- Discharge Perforated buckets
made by wear resistant steel, placed at the very end of the barrel, allow the materialto exit the washing area and, at the same time, to drain out the most of the water before the discharge.

- Washing pipe
full equipped with spray nozzles for an aggressive washing and dosinh valve.

- Barrel rolling system
the cylinder rolls over four couple of wheels (tyres) coupled to a safety disk each (to avoid the barrel to jump put the structure). Two steel rollers are placed to each end of the barrel to avoid it to move in the direction of its main axis.

- Two Motors Groups
two of the four tyres-twins are connected to motors driving the unit. The motion power is transmitted from the electric motor to the wheels (tyres) by the means of Vee-Belts. The correct tension of belts is guaranteed by the motor tensioning seat that automatically follow the variations in power drain from the mechanical system.

- Lubrication
automatic greasing lines, with grease cartridges.

- Side Guards
all around the device, to avoid any contact between workers and moving parts and componets.

- Base frame
with heavy duty contruction, to support the whole system including the tolling wheels, motor systems and side protections.


Thecnical Specifications

Maximum Feeding tonnage [ t/h ] 80 - 250
Maximum Feed size [ mm ] 0 - 300
Barrel diameter [ mm ] 1600 - 2700
Barrel Length [ mm ] 6000 - 8000
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 15 - 74
Approx. Weight [ kg ] 8800 – 37000


- support structure, along with stairs, walkways and protections customized on specific needs (standard design available)

- chutes and collection tanks designed on customer's needs.

- side protections, suspended and sliding for a better accessibility, are made of noise-reduction sandwich panels.

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