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LSP Series

Logwashers LSP Series are used for the treatment of alluvial materials with a high content of clay, sludges and sticki moterials that need an energetic mechanical action of breaking up, impossible to obtain with the traditional Barrel washing systems.

By varying the rotation speed of the shafts holding the scrubbing paddles and, if necessary, the incline of the machine, it is possible to vary the speed of diffusion of the material and, therefore, the efficiency of the washing and scrubbing action.

The material at the exit of the machine can eventually be conveyed to a washing screen for a re-washing action by which the residues of pollutants present inside or on the surface of the stones are separated from the aggregates.


Main construction specifications

- Twin shafts, parallel and counter-turning
equipped with spiral revolving paddles, intersecting in the centre to maximize the self-friction effect of the material.

- Srubbing Paddles
paddles are made in hi chromium steel, wear resistant and bolted by nuts to the shaft structure.

- Tank body
made by Hi-thickness steel plates and lined by wear resistant material.

- Motor block
made in two groups comopsed each by electric motor, complete with hydrodynamic joint, pulleys, planetary gearbox directly joined to the gear synchronization group. To the latter, are connected the two counter-rotating shafts equipped with scrubbing paddles. A system that controls the rotation synchronism of the two shafts, guarantees the protection of the mechanical parts in case of failures.

- Washing pipe
full equipped with spray nozzles for an aggressive washing and dosinh valve..

- Shafts bearings supports
the bearng supports are assembled on the outside of the main tank, so that the waste water (high abrasive) is not in contact with bearings and seals.

- Lubrication
automatic greasing lines, with grease cartridges.

- Seal Glands
between the main tank and the shafts bearing are made Caterpillar style.


Thecnical Specifications

Maximum Feeding tonnage [ t/h ] 120 - 240
Maximum Feed size [ mm ] 80 - 90
Impeller diameter [ mm ] 1150 - 1400
Impeller length [ mm ] 5000 - 8000
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 2 x 22 – 2 x 75
Approx. Weight [ kg ] 14500 – 24500


- support structure, along with stairs, walkways and protections customized on specific needs (standard design available)

- chutes and collection tanks designed on customer's needs.

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