Lightweights separation device<br /> VRS Series


Lightweights separation device
VRS Series

VRS lightweigts selection units are used for the separation of light particles ( wood, plastics etc.) present in very dirty alluvial materials.
Normally installed downstream the logwashers (or barrel washers) to treat the overflowing waste waters; that waste waters tipically contains both the light particles floating out the washing stages and fine sands to be recovered.
waste water, at the output of the VRS, separated from the light bodies, shall be conveyed to a cyclone group for the recovery of the fine sands.


Main construction specifications

- Rotating Barrel
made of steel sheet with intermediate screening surfaces to allow heavy weight sand to pass through.

- Cochlea
placed On-Axis, helps the extraction of lightweights from the flow.

- Free of motion support wheels
PU lined, running on sliding track

- Transmission
with shaft mounted gearbox, designed with large service fator.

- Washing pipe
full equipped with spray nozzles for an aggressive washing and dosinh valve.

- Base frame
to suport the rotation wheels and the rotating barrel

- Underscreen hopper
to collect the waste water and sands, built in hi thickness steel sheet.

- Disharge Chute
to collet and discharge the lightweights, made in steel sheet.

- Side protection guards
full enclosure to of all moving parts, to protect the workers.

- Lubrication
grease (bearings)


Thecnical Specifications

Max. Slurry Flow [ l /1’ ] 1000 - 4000
Diameter [ mm ] 900 - 1600
Length [ mm ] 2000 - 4000
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 2.2 – 4
Approx. Weight [ kg ] 2000 – 4000


- rotating Barrel made in Stainless steel for long duration and service life

- support structure, along with stairs, walkways and protections customized on specific needs (standard design available)

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