Floating Conveyor belts<br /> NG series<br /> with Square section beams lattice


Floating Conveyor belts
NG series
with Square section beams lattice

Specifically designed for the conveying of aggregates from underwater excavation by means of clamshell dredges. Built in floating modular elements, they can reach a maximum length of 42m with a single bridge between two pontoons.

Equipped, as standard, with lateral walkways placed on both sides of the conveyor, and built by two floating modules (head and tail). such conveyors are built to be joined together to a chain of conveyors; each joining point has a fifth wheel allowing the rotation of conveyour on the orizontal direction.


Main construction specifications


- Traction head
• shaft mounted gearbox, with reverse turning block, oil bath lubrication, directly coupled to the head pulley shaft
• head pulley, barrel profile and rubber lined (diamond lagging), assembled on bearings lodged into oversized berings housing; bloccked to the main shaft by two heavy duty shrink disks.
snub pulley to increase teh head pulley winding angle, made by round rods cage or standard cyclindrical shapen (depending on teh application), assembled on a main shaft and heavy duty bearings. Standard applied on conveyors with more than 11kW installed power.

Tail head and takeup
• load Hopper steelwork manufactured with 5mm thickness steel plate, integrated rubber lips, height adjustable
• barrel machined tail pulley. Assembled on heavy duty bearings and supports, blocked to the shaft with shrink disks
• belt takeup system: the tail pulley is assembled on a sliding system drived by an endless screw and a bronze pinion with trapezoid tread (for a great resistance force without any chance of getting loose). It allow a regulation of about 500mm.

- Idler and rollers
integrating sealed for life rollers (two or three depending on the belt width), with a structure built by metal sheet supports welded on a C shaped main beam. Heavy duty constructions available, with thickner metal sheet and U shaped beams.

- Rubber Belt
all resistence classes available, selecten depending on the application.

- Belt scraper
• urethane X section scraper, with Rosta elastomer tensioning system
• Delta scraper on the tail head, specifically designe with tail pulley protection lips to avoid any rock intrusion on the ineer side of the belt


- Pontoons
• pontoons are made of 2 searate modules, each of those are divided into three waterproof chambers. Floating elements are joined together by bolting and the support structure of the conveyour head is bolted on the pontoon too.
• the pontoon is both sustaining the Head of the previous conveyor of the chain, and the tail of the next. Joint between the two is guaranteed by a fifth wheel structure that allow the rotation of the conveyors each other too.


Thecnical Specifications

(°) belt drums wheelbase

Belt maximum width [ mm ] 500 - 1200
Length campata (°) [ m ] 18 - 42
Rated working speed [ m/s ] 1.2 - 1.5
Maximum capacity [ t/h ] 100 - 500
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 5.5 – 30


- Tension of ach blade section is controlled by a dedicated rubber spring that absorbes vibrations and shocks and maintein the correct pressure on the belt.

- discharge hopper with standard or custom design

- proximity swithch to detect belt rotation, speed meter, in line scales.

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