Rotating screens<br /> VLR Series


Rotating screens
VLR Series

VLR washing Rotating screens are used as an alternative to traditional vibrating screens when alluvial materials need to be washed and screened with high efficiency, even if with high fines and silt content.
The ease of use and low maintenance required make this kind of devices perfect to use in the screening of the aggregates that contains a grea tamount of sticki clay, or dirt.


Main construction specifications

- Rotating Barrel
consisting of an initial blind part, rubber lined and interchangeable, and a screening section with internal sceening media only, or with the addition of external screening layer.

- Sceening media (clothes)
heavy duty steel clothes, bolt-on execution covered by a urethane block to avoid bolt wear.

- Rotation system
obscillating wheels "tank" series (50mm thickness), urethane lined and running over a machined track (25mm thickness) all the way around the barrel body.

- Motor package
made by the electric motor, cardanic joint, planetary gearbox.

- Side walls
for safety guard and protection.

- Base frame
with heavy duty contruction, to support the whole system including the tolling wheels, motor systems and side protections.

- Washing pipe
heavy duty construction, supports the motor block, rotation wheels and side walls.


Thecnical Specifications

Maximum Feeding tonnage [ t/h ] 100 - 300
Maximum Feed size [ mm ] 0 - 250
Barrel Diameter [ mm ] 1600 - 3000
Barrel Length [ mm ] 6000 - 13000
Number of Sections 2 - 4
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 15 - 37
Approx. Weight [ kg ] 7500 – 13850


- urethane screen media on demand.

- support structure, along with stairs, walkways and protections customized on specific needs (standard design available)

- chutes and collection tanks designed on customer's needs.

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