B.S.I. has, over time, engineered advanced sand recovery systems that represent the flagship of its production range. From the initial traditional primary and secondary bucket-type sand recovery and draining machines, sand treatment units have been developed using cyclones and, subsequently, two-sand treatment units where, by installing multiple cyclones, it is possible to produce two types of sand simultaneously (one fine and one coarse) dosing the fines between the two, in order to optimise the gradation curve.

For high flow rates to be treated, multicyclone groups have been created to return clean sands, very rich in fines which, otherwise, would be lost in waste waters.

The ENVIRO section has developed devices for specific treatments, such as e Feed Cells, high efficiency machines that allow the treatment of sands with presence of contaminants (hydrocarbons etc.) on the surface of grains, in order to make them complient to aggregates quality regulations. All the sand treatment units, on request, can be equipped with a control panel hosting hardware/software that allows the continuous optimization of the device's functional parameters, in order to guarantee the maximum recovery of the fines and cleanup of the sand, the reduction of wear and the optimization of energy consumption.

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