Primary Grizzly feeders<br /> APV Series


Primary Grizzly feeders
APV Series

APV series primary grizzly feeders are used for feeding primary Jaws or impact crushers.
A grid section, single or double, allows a coarse screening of the product, separating the fines from the rest of the material, increasing the efficiency of the crushers. The flow adjustment is obtained by changing the quantity of eccentric counterweights on the main vibrating shaft.
The ease of Use and the reduced maintenance required make it the ideal machines to feed primary crushers.


Main construction specifications

- Vibrating structure
high strength, equipped with wear plates at the material sliding zones, is made of high yield stress steel.

- Grizzly decks
made by sreening bars, single or double depending on the application. Made with wear resistant steel and applied by bolts to make maintenance easy and fast.

- Vibrating assembly
built by a mechanical oscillating unit, with counter-rotating eccentric masses, connected to the electric motor by the means of a cardan joint.

- Eccentric Masses
tunable to select the correct vibration amplitude as a funcion of the feeding gradation and screening dimensions.

- Support system
harmonic Iron spring coils or elastomer mount swing bars, depending on the applications and the dimension of the device

- Lubrication
oil lubricated


Thecnical Specifications

Maximum Feeding tonnage [ t/h ] 150 - 500
Maximum Feed size [ mm ] 650 - 1200
Vibrating Channel width [ mm ] 750 - 1300
Vibrating Channel Length [ mm ] 3450 - 5000
Screening section length [ mm ] 1300 - 2000
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 7.5 - 30
Approx. Weight [ kg ] 3000 – 18000


- frequency driver for electric motor, allow to select machine feeding action

- feeding hopper specifically desinged on customer's specifications (standard design available)

- support structure, along with stairs, walkways and protections customized on specific needs (standard design available)

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