Bucket wheels for sand recovery<br /> TLE - LLE Series


Bucket wheels for sand recovery
TLE - LLE Series

This series of Bucket wheels has been designed to wash and recovery sands with a hi clay and silt content, where the final product (sand) need two or three washing stages before discharge, in order to guarantee the best material washing and cleansing.

- TLE : single additional washing (two in total) to eliminate silt and clay.
- LLE : Double additional washing (three in total) to eliminate silt and clay with much aggressive actions.

Ease of use and incredibly simple maintenance are the key point of this series.


Main construction specifications

- Main tank
robust steelwork made, integrates a strong support base that allow an easy placement even on unstable soils.

- Sand Buckets
bolt-on style, interchangeable, with perforated bottom layer.

- Sand Spyral (cochlea)
is designed in interchangeable sections, built in wear resistant steel, bolted together and to the main shaft motion harms. It has the primary function to collect fines settling on the bittom of the tank, conveying them to the discharge through the buckets.

- Discharge overflow lips
where the waste waters exit the system, are designed for a long envelope so that the water speed at discharge is lovered below teh turbidity speed, helping the lamination of flow and increasing the sedimentation of fines.

- Motor block
made by two separate groups, each containing a motor and an hydraulic joint, pulleys, vee belts and planetary gearbox (oil lubricated).

- Lubrication


Thecnical Specifications

(°) for longer devices please contact the factory

Maximum Slurry flow [ l/1’ ] 1500 - 3000
Maximum Sand capacity [ t/h ] 50 - 160
Bucket wheel diameter [ mm ] 1700 – 3000
Buckets width [ mm ] 500 – 1300
Length coclea [ mm ] 2000
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 2.2 – 7.5
Approx. Weight [ kg ] 3500 – 8500


- Dicharge buckets available in Stainless steel or Urethane.

- Load hoppers engineered on customer's needs.

- Discharge hoppers engineered on customer's needs.

- Support structure, complete with walkway and inspection platform to the transmission groups, handrails an stairs.

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