Cyclone sand recovery units<br /> RSC Series


Cyclone sand recovery units
RSC Series

Sand recovery units with hydrocyclones RSC Series to be used: - as an alternative to the traditional bucket wheels, for the treatment of the sands and related waste waters from washing screens, - in case of existing installations, for the recovery of fine sands draining from the bucket wheels overflows.

Typically used for the treatment of clayshy alluvial sands that require an energetic mechanical action to separate silt from the sand. The sands produced by cycloning groups are distinguished from those obtained with bucket wheels because of the lower moisture content, for the lower content of silt and, above all, for a granulometric curve rich of very fine, missing in Sands coming bucket wheels.


Main construction specifications

Slurry waters collecting tank
heavy duty steelwork, single block welded wit support legs, and assembled to a easy access stair and all around walkway. Side inspection hatch to allow an easy maintenance of the system. Includes an automatic floating mechanism that keep the water level stable to allow the pump (connected to the tank) to allways be primed, avoiding to destroy the pump itself. full hot galvanized structure.

Motor and Pump group
assembled over a mobile skid system, to help for an easyer and fast maintenence.

Cyclone feeding pipe
made by a wear resistant rubbel hose, steel reinforced and complete with alluminum hi grade flanges.

Cyclone Group
the Cyclone body is assembled over a stabilizartion tank that collects the cyclone output and allow a uniform distribution of the sand + water mixture to the dewatering screen. The overflow of cyclone is colelcted to a tank that allow both the discarge to the water treatment plants and the feed to the slurry tanks level system described above.

Base frame
heavy duty construction, full deep hot galvanized.

Sands dewatering group
made by a dewatering screen, assembled "bolt-on" style or with welded structure dependin on the geometry and the application. The screen is equipped with:

• support system on steel springs or elastomer elastic elements, depending on the size of the machine.
• dewatering deck, equipped with modular urethane panels.
• two electric vibrating units, fine tunable to allow the best vibration amplitude, depending on the sand gradation and quantity.
• tunable discharge lip, that is used to tune de sand thickness over the dewatering deck. This is made to allow different levels of drainage, according to the process needs.
• Rubber lining of the walls and mechanical elements of the first half of the screen, to protect the structure of the device by the water + sand jests generating from the cyclone discharge.



Thecnical Specifications

Maximum Slurry flow [ l/1' ] 1500 - 8000
Maximum Sand capacity [ t/h ] 35 - 150
Pump [ tipo ] 4” – 8“
Cyclone [ tipo ] 15” – 26”
Dewatering screen width length [ mm ] 1000 – 1500
2000 - 4000
Inastalled Power [ kW ] 15 - 72
Approx. Weight [ kg ] 4500 – 11500


- sand washing system, fully equipped with distribution hoses and spray nozzles to allow a better water drainage on certain applicaitons.

- sands discharge hopper, engineerred on customers design.

- full all around walkway to allow a easy maintenance and inspection of all parts.

- Dual Sand option available, with double cyclone and intermediate selection of sands; for example 0-1mm and 1-4mm sands.

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